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WMCPLUS is a management system of consignable margin. It has the history of contracts and negotiations, controls the entire registration process of the optional discounts, and provides the information used in the assistance to users of Managers, servers, employees and consignees.

The system also offers its users tools to control releases of payroll deductions, offering greater flexibility and security in the hiring of their consignees.

Based on the technology of "cloud computing" it enables scalability, modularity and connectivity required for the payroll discount market.


Below some beneficts management system to our customers.


  • Reduction of operational costs
  • No cost to the public agency or private company
  • Reduction of fraud risks
  • Unification of services into a single service provider
  • Computerized processes via WEB
  • Unified database
  • Information to support the companies Administrative/Financial fields and the Public Management
  • Services information anytime anywhere


  • Security in information exchange
  • Shared management
  • Customized solutions

Server / Employee

  • Margin availability 24/7 via Web
  • Call Center
  • Open Ticket via Web
  • Transparency in the management of payroll sheet
  • Discounts control
  • Information Handling Safety


  • Call Center and Support
  • Default management
  • Advice to the managers

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